Saving the Climate, or Saving Humans

I’m always amused by all these shouts, and advertisements, and slogans of saving the Earth, or Gaia, or whatever you call this round globe of ours. This arrogance! As though Mother Nature need us puny humans to save it!

It is absolutely true that Humans have thoroughly defiled this planet. We have totally sucked this Planet dry of its resources, cutting down trees, mining, and continue to release vast amounts of toxic chemicals into the environment day after day.

But can Humans really save this Planet? Can they really turn back the clock, or prevent the rise in temperate, or cut down CO2, as they have claimed to want to do? No, of course not. Mother Nature can save itself just fine. She can undone whatever destruction that has been wrought upon her, and it is by the very same process that Humans claimed they want to prevent: Climate Change.

Climate Change is exactly how Mother Nature is going to restore this Planet back to its former glory. Rise in temperature, melting of the ice caps, devastating storms, etc are just some of the many tools she has on hand to remove the primary pest that is ailing this Planet: Humans. If Earth can flourish with life after the cataclysmic event that lead to the destruction of the dinosaurs, surely this period of destruction by Humans is just a small blip in the long history of Earth.

The train of Humans saving themselves from destruction has long left the station. There is really nothing they can do to turn back the clock. Maybe they can start to change the slogan of their campaign: “Saving Humans”